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Endocytotic membrane retrieval compensates for excess surface membrane
following exocytosis but the mechanism of exocytosis-endocytosis coupling is
not known. We have shown in sea urchin eggs that membrane retrieval requires
calcium influx through agatoxin sensitive channels. Thus, in addition to their
role in signaling for exocytosis at synapses, P-type calcium channels are
required for endocytotic membrane retrieval in eggs. We hypothesize that
exocytosis regulates P-type calcium channel gating to coordinate exocytosis and
endocytotic membrane retrieval. We will use microscopy, electrophysiology, as
well as cell and molecular biological techniques to determine how exocytotic
activity regulates calcium influx through P-type channels in sea urchin eggs, a
model system for understanding calcium-triggered exocytosis and endocytosis.
Specifically we will determine how exocytotic activity influences membrane
depolarization and the cellular distribution of P-type calcium channels.
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