• Maihle, Nita Jane (PI)
  • Lingle, Wilma (PI)
  • O'Connell, Michael (PI)
  • Diasio, Robert B. (PI)
  • Greipp, Patricia (PI)
  • David, Chella (PI)
  • Held, Kathryn (PI)
  • Weiland, Louis (PI)
  • Moertel, Charles (PI)
  • Burnham, Nora (PI)
  • Kovach, John (PI)
  • Wold, Lester (PI)
  • Katzmann, Jerry (PI)
  • Wieand, Harry (PI)
  • Jenkins, Robert (PI)
  • Ames, Matthew (PI)
  • Cunningham, Julie (PI)
  • Wettstein, Peter Johnson (PI)
  • Raghavakaimal, Sreekumar (PI)
  • Buckner, Jan (PI)
  • Adjei, Alex (PI)
  • Kocher, Jean-Pierre (PI)
  • Highsmith, William Edward (PI)
  • Beebe, Timothy (PI)
  • Vile, Richard (PI)
  • Okuno, Scott (PI)
  • Federspiel, Mark (PI)
  • Sarkaria, Jann (PI)
  • Pitot, Henry (PI)
  • Salisbury, Jeffrey (PI)
  • van Deursen, Jan (PI)
  • Alberts, Steven (PI)
  • Sargent, Daniel (PI)
  • Roche, Patrick (PI)
  • Thibodeau, Stephen Norman (PI)
  • Ingle, James Newell (PI)
  • Reid, Joel (PI)
  • Colon-Otero, Gerardo (PI)
  • Galanis, Evanthia (PI)
  • Weinshilboum, Richard (PI)
  • Ames, Matthew (PI)
  • Dewald, Gordon (PI)
  • Liebson, Paul (PI)
  • Banks, P. (PI)
  • Prendergast, Frauklyn (PI)
  • Wiebeu, Eric (PI)
  • Clapham, David (PI)
  • Spelsburg, Thomas (PI)
  • Grendahl, Darryl (PI)
  • McCormick, Daniel (PI)
  • Leibson, Paul (PI)
  • O'Fallon, Judith (PI)
  • Kline, Bruce (PI)
  • Prendergast, Franklyn (PI)
  • Chute, Christopher (PI)
  • McKean, David (PI)
  • Highsmith, Edward (PI)
  • Kwon, Eugene D. (PI)
  • Wieben, Eric (PI)
  • Flotte, Thomas (PI)
  • Pitot, Henry (PI)
  • Leibson, Paul (PI)
  • Lawson, Moira (PI)
  • Grendahl, Darryl (PI)
  • McCormick, Daniel (PI)
  • Jenkins, Robert B. (PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


The specific objectives of the Mayo Comprehensive Cancer Center over the
next five years are the following: 1) To enhance programs of clinical
cancer research with particular emphasis on continued multidisciplinary
coordination and on close liaison with and involvement of laboratory
scientists. 2) To improve the quality and expeditious conduct of clinical
cancer research programs by establishing appropriate and cost-effective
shared resources, e.g., Cancer Center Statistical Unit, Cancer Pharmacy
Unit, Surgical Pathology Shared Resource. 3) To continue development of
basic laboratory programs in cancer and promote a "centerness" among our
laboratories by establishing appropriate shared resources, e.g., flow
cytometry, protein analysis, monoclonal antibodies, immunogenetic mouse
colony. 4) To continue development of laboratory research programs which
are in direct affiliation with clinical research programs and which serve
as a functional interface between basic scientist and clinical scientist,
e.g., the cancer pharmacology laboratory, the radiation biology laboratory,
the cell culture laboratory. 5) To fulfill our role as a Comprehensive
Cancer Center by expanding our clinical research boundaries to involve the
major community cancer centers of our region. 6) To develop new clinical
and laboratory research programs which are appropriate to the assets of our
Center. To continue and increase our active participation in the national
cancer program.
Effective start/end date3/1/802/28/19


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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