• Faguet, G.U.Y. (PI)
  • Smith, Diane (PI)
  • Carroll, Richard (PI)
  • Greene, Jane (PI)
  • Feldman, Daniel (PI)
  • Carl, G. Franklin (PI)
  • Feldman, Elaine (PI)
  • Carroll, James (PI)
  • Devoe, Lawrence D (PI)
  • Feldman, Daniel (PI)
  • Carroll, Richard (PI)
  • Carroll, James (PI)
  • Feldman, Elaine B. (PI)
  • Smith, Diane (PI)
  • Faguet (PI)
  • Carl, G. Franklin (PI)

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The Clinical Nutrition Research Unit provides partial support and structure
for administrative and laboratory activities of the Georgia Institute of
Human Nutrition. Its goal is to search for solutions of the etiology and
treatment of nutrition-related disorders afflicting the population of
Georgia. Nutrition components are being introduced into research projects
on campus with proposals developed for possible pilot projects and for
extramural funding. The Administrative Core of the CNRU includes the
Director, Associate Director, Executive Committee of investigators from
various disciplines in nutrition-related research, experienced consultants,
Administrator-Nutritionist and Staff. The Laboratory Core includes 3 Core
Laboratories: Lipids, Trace Minerals and Vitamins-Protein. The
laboratories are partially equipped and staffed via the CNRU. Research and
service in nutrition support is added to by young investigators. Research
training for Ph.D. and M.D. Fellows is being developed and graduate student
are being trained. The Nutrition Education Program in the School of
Medicine is currently supported in part by extramural funds. The joint
efforts of the School of Medicine, the Georgia Institute of Human
Nutrition, the Clinical Nutrition Research Unit and the interdisciplinary
team Curriculum in Nutrition are a resource that serves as a model of
excellence to promote Nutrition as an important discipline in patient care
and clinical investigation. Financial resources other than the CNRU budget
more than double that input.
Effective start/end date9/1/818/31/86


  • Medicine(all)


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