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The mouse models of diabetic complications consortium (MMDCC) will bring
together a number of projects representing a diverse set of disciplines and
technologies with the goal of improving or creating mouse models of human
diabetes complications. The primary goal for this consortium will be the
creation of the animal models to study diabetes complication pathologies with
an emphasis on the etiology, prevention and treatment of the disease. The
secondary goal is to use these animal models to elucidate the role of specific
genes or chromosomal regions in the pathogenesis of these complications. The
consortium will consist of five to six Mouse Engineering and Phenotyping units
and one Coordinating and Bioinformatics unit. Members of the MMDCC will come
from a diverse set of backgrounds with expertise in mouse genetic engineering
technologies, organ pathologies, genomic technologies and diabetic
complications. Investigators will focus their research efforts on a number of
diabetic complications involving different organ systems and biochemical
pathways. These complications will include diabetic kidney disease, vascular
disease, retinopathy, neuropathy and diabetic cardiomyopathy. This complex
research initiative will provide a valuable resource to the scientific
community and will require the coordinated effort between the members of the
consortium. The organization of this effort will primarily be the
responsibility of the Coordinating and Bioinformatics unit (CBU) of the MMDCC.
The CBU will provide the personnel and computing infrastructure for the
participants in the consortium. Members of this unit will provide support for
the consortium?s yearly meetings as well as mouse model data entry & retrieval.
The CBU will require the creation of the bioinformatics computing
infrastructure to store and maintain the data generated by the consortium. This
proposal will specifically address the creation of this infrastructure as well
as the administration of the coordinating unit. Specifically, we will 1) Design
and Create the Bioinformatics Computing Infrastructure for the Mouse Models of
Diabetic Complications Consortium and 2) Develop the Coordinating Unit
infrastructure for the MMDCC.
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