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This application requests funds for the purchase of a modern, flexible and
state-of-the-art Jeol transmission electron microscope (TEM) to replace an
aging TEM in the Central Electron Microscopic Laboratory in the Department
of Pathology. The requirements for the TEM work of NIH-funded
investigators cannot be met with the present available equipment which does
not have a goniometer stage, scanning transmission attachment, or the
ability to perform at accelerating voltages higher than 60 kV. A
significant percentage of laboratory personnel's time is devoted to
maintenance and repair of the microscopes, and a substantial wastage of
photographic film occurs due to their design failings. The central
laboratory for which the TEM is requested is a well equipped laboratory for
the performance of conventional electron microscopy, and its personnel are
extensively trained and highly skilled in the techniques of electron
microscopy. Even if the age-related failures of the TEM did not exist, the
limitations of the present TEM would constitute a bottleneck with respect
to the research and service functions of the laboratory. This laboratory
is, in fact, the only central facility in the Medical Center which has a
scanning electron microscope, Kevex analytical ED system and
freeze-fracture unit and serves a large number of NIH-funded
investigators. This is evident from a number of published papers resulting
from the existence of this facility. The lack of the requested TEM will
severely limit the productivity and quality of work required by the user
group and many other NIH-funded investigators. Finally, provision of this
microscope can also serve as an adjunct to the analytical microscopy.
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