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A brief neuropsychological screening battery to detect brain damage in a psychiatric population

Riley, W. T., Mabe, P. A. & Schear, J. M., Mar 1 1987, In : Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment. 9, 1, p. 67-74 8 p.

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Discriminant Analysis
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A brief overview of antimicrobial peptides containing unnatural amino acids and Ligand-based approaches for peptide Ligands

Bhonsle, J. B., Clark, T., Bartolotti, L. & Hicks, R. P., Jan 1 2013, In : Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry. 13, 24, p. 3205-3224 20 p.

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Amino Acids
Circular Dichroism
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A bright but demanding future for core facilities

Slaughter, C. A., Jun 1 2005, In : Journal of Biomolecular Techniques. 16, 2, p. 167-169 3 p.

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Systems Biology
Biomedical Research
Research Personnel
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Abrogation of Age-Induced MicroRNA-195 Rejuvenates the Senescent Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Reactivating Telomerase

Okada, M., Kim, H. W., Matsu-Ura, K., Wang, Y. G., Xu, M. & Ashraf, M., Jan 1 2016, In : Stem Cells. 34, 1, p. 148-159 12 p.

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Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Stem Cells
Cell Aging
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Abrogation of delayed type hypersensitivity response to Candida albicans produced by a molecular mimic of phosphorylated prolactin

Guzmán, E. A., Chen, Y-H., Langowski, J. L., De Guzman, A., Lo, H. L., Walter, B., Muller, H. K., Walker, A. M. & Owen, L. B., Dec 30 2005, In : Journal of Neuroimmunology. 170, 1-2, p. 31-40 10 p.

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Delayed Hypersensitivity
Candida albicans
Immunoglobulin G
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Abrogation of estrogen receptor signaling augments cytotoxicity of anticancer drugs on caski cervical cancer cells

Heo, M. Y., Salama, S. A., Khatoon, N., Al-Hendy, A. & Au, W. W., Jul 1 2008, In : Anticancer research. 28, 4 B, p. 2181-2187 7 p.

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Uterine Cervical Neoplasms
Estrogen Receptors
Caspase 3
In Situ Nick-End Labeling
Pharmaceutical Preparations
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Abrogation of IL-3 requirements and stimulation of hematopoietic cell proliferation in vitro and in vivo by carboxylic acids

Boosalis, M. S., Ikuta, T., Pace, B. S., Fonseca, S. D., White, G. L., Faller, D. V. & Perrine, S. P., Jan 1 1997, In : Blood Cells, Molecules and Diseases. 23, 3, p. 434-442 9 p.

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Carboxylic Acids
Cell Proliferation
Volatile Fatty Acids
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Abrogation of the hematological and biological activities of the interleukin-3/granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor fusion protein PIXY321 by neutralizing anti-PIXY321 antibodies in cancer patients receiving high-dose carboplatin

Miller, L. L., Korn, E. L., Stevens, D. S., Janik, J. E., Gause, B. L., Kopp, W. C., Holmlund, J. T., Curti, B. D., Sznol, M., Smith, J. W., Urba, W. J., Donegan, S. E., Watson, T. M. & Longo, D. L., May 15 1999, In : Blood. 93, 10, p. 3250-3258 9 p.

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Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor
Neutralizing Antibodies
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Abrupt and tunable quenching of photoluminescence in ZnO

McNamara, J. D., Albarakati, N. M. & Reshchikov, M. A., Oct 1 2016, In : Journal of Luminescence. 178, p. 301-306 6 p.

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Ionization potential
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Absence of CD59 exacerbates systemic autoimmunity in MRL/lpr mice

Miwa, T., Zhou, L., Maldonado, M. A., Madaio, M. P., Eisenberg, R. A. & Song, W. C., Dec 1 2012, In : Journal of Immunology. 189, 11, p. 5434-5441 8 p.

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Inbred MRL lpr Mouse
Skin Diseases
Complement Membrane Attack Complex
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Absence of correlation between transient cranial hemorrhages and congenital malformations following neural crest ablation in chicks

Gale, T. F. & Kirby, M. L., May 1 1996, In : Teratology. 53, 5, p. 318-325 8 p.

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Neural Crest
Embryonic Structures
Chick Embryo
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Leptin Receptors
muscular atrophy
Muscular Atrophy
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Absence of Gal epitope prolongs survival of swine lungs in an ex vivo model of hyperacute rejection

Nguyen, B. N. H., Azimzadeh, A. M., Schroeder, C., Buddensick, T., Zhang, T., Laaris, A., Cochrane, M., Schuurman, H. J., Sachs, D. H., Allan, J. S. & Pierson, R. N., Mar 1 2011, In : Xenotransplantation. 18, 2, p. 94-107 14 p.

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Gene Knockout Techniques
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Absence of iron-regulatory protein Hfe results in hyperproliferation of retinal pigment epithelium: Role of cystine/glutamate exchanger

Gnana-Prakasam, J. P., Thangaraju, M., Liu, K., Ha, Y., Martin, P. M., Smith, S. B. & Ganapathy, V., Dec 1 2009, In : Biochemical Journal. 424, 2, p. 243-252 10 p.

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Iron-Regulatory Proteins
Retinal Pigments
Retinal Pigment Epithelium
Glutamic Acid
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Absence of Long-Term Gonadotoxicity in Primates Receiving Extracorporeal Shock Wave Application*

Hellstrom, W. J. G., Kaack, M. B., Harrison, R. M., Neal, D. E. & Thomas, R., Feb 1993, In : Journal of Endourology. 7, 1, p. 17-21 5 p.

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Semen Analysis
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Absence of PERV specific humoral immune response in baboons after transplantation of porcine cells or organs

Martin, U., Tacke, S. J., Simon, A. R., Schroeder, C., Wiebe, K., Lapin, B., Haverich, A., Denner, J. & Steinhoff, G., Dec 1 2002, In : Transplant International. 15, 7, p. 361-368 8 p.

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Endogenous Retroviruses
Cell Transplantation
Organ Transplantation
Humoral Immunity
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Absence of secretory endometrium after false-positive home urine luteinizing hormone testing

McGovern, P. G., Myers, E. R., Silva, S., Coutifaris, C., Carson, S. A., Legro, R. S., Schlaff, W. D., Carr, B. R., Steinkampf, M. P., Giudice, L. C., Leppert, P. C. & Diamond, M. P., Jan 1 2004, In : Fertility and sterility. 82, 5, p. 1273-1277 5 p.

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Luteinizing Hormone
Luteal Phase
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Photoreceptor Cells
Retinitis Pigmentosa
Cell Death
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
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Absence of sperm RNA elements correlates with idiopathic male infertility

Jodar, M., Sendler, E., Moskovtsev, S. I., Librach, C. L., Goodrich, R., Swanson, S., Hauser, R., Diamond, M. P. & Krawetz, S. A., Jul 8 2015, In : Science Translational Medicine. 7, 295, 295re6.

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Male Infertility
Live Birth
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Absence of the testicular determining factor gene SRY in XX true hermaphrodites and presence of this locus in most subjects with gonadal dysgenesis caused by Y aneuploidy

Tho, S. P. T., Layman, L. C., Lanclos, K. D., Plouffe, L., Rogers Byrd, J. & McDonough, P. G., Dec 1992, In : American journal of obstetrics and gynecology. 167, 6, p. 1794-1802 9 p.

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sry Genes
Gonadal Dysgenesis
46,XY Gonadal Dysgenesis
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Absence of upregulated genes associated with protein accumulations in desmin myopathy

Raju, R. P. & Dalakas, M. C., Mar 1 2007, In : Muscle and Nerve. 35, 3, p. 386-388 3 p.

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Muscular Diseases
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Absence of γ-sarcoglycan (35 DAG) in autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy linked to chromosome 13q12

Jung, D., Leturcq, F., Sunada, Y., Duclos, F., Tomé, F. M. S., Moomaw, C., Merlini, L., Azibi, K., Chaouch, M., Slaughter, C. A., Fardeau, M., Kaplan, J. C. & Campbell, K. P., Feb 26 1996, In : FEBS Letters. 381, 1-2, p. 15-20 6 p.

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Muscular Dystrophies
Skeletal Muscle
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Absenteeism and productivity among mental health employees

Libet, J. M., Frueh, B. C., Pellegrin, K. L., Gold, P. B., Santos, A. & Arana, G. W., Dec 1 2001, In : Administration and policy in mental health. 29, 1, p. 41-50 10 p.

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Family Leave
Mental Health
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Absorption of orally administered bovine prolactin by neonatal rats

Mulloy, A. L., Keen, S. J. & Malven, P. V., Jan 1 1979, In : Neonatology. 36, 3-4, p. 148-153 6 p.

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Oral Administration
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Absorption of orally administered prolactin by rat pups

Mulloy, A. L., Keen, S. J. & Malven, P. V., Jan 1 1978, In : Physiologist. 21, 4, 1 p.

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Absorption of orally disintegrating carbidopalevodopa requires intact small bowel function

Iyer, S. S., Morgan, J. C. & Sethi, K. D., Nov 8 2005, In : Neurology. 65, 9, 1 p.

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Absorption spectrum of DNA for wavelengths greater than 300 nm

Sutherland, J. C. & Griffin, K. P., Jan 1 1981, In : Radiation Research. 86, 3, p. 399-409 11 p.

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deoxyribonucleic acid
absorption spectra
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ABT-702, an adenosine kinase inhibitor, attenuates inflammation in diabetic retinopathy

Elsherbiny, N. M., Ahmad, S., Naime, M., Elsherbini, A. M., Fulzele, S., Al-Gayyar, M. M., Eissa, L. A., El-Shishtawy, M. M. & Liou, G. I., Jul 30 2013, In : Life sciences. 93, 2-3, p. 78-88 11 p.

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Adenosine Kinase
Diabetic Retinopathy
Medical problems
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Abu Ghraib A Case of Moral and Administrative Failure

Reinke, S. J., Apr 1 2006, In : Public Integrity. 8, 2, p. 135-147 13 p.

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political goal
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Abundance and stability of complexes containing inactive G protein-coupled receptors and G proteins

Qin, K., Sethi, P. R. & Lambert, N. A., Aug 1 2008, In : FASEB Journal. 22, 8, p. 2920-2927 8 p.

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G-Protein-Coupled Receptors
GTP-Binding Proteins
Chemical activation
GTP-Binding Protein Regulators
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Abundance of MMPs and cysteine cathepsins in caries-affected dentin

Vidal, C. M. P., Tjäderhane, L., Scaffa, P. M., Tersariol, I. L., Pashley, D. H., Nader, H. B., Nascimento, F. D. & Carrilho, M. R., Mar 1 2014, In : Journal of Dental Research. 93, 3, p. 269-274 6 p.

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A burn mass casualty event due to boiler room explosion on a cruise ship: Preparedness and outcomes

Tekin, A., Namias, N., OKeeffe, T., Pizano, L., Lynn, M., Prater-Varas, R., Quintana, O. D., Borges, L., Ishii, M., Lee, S., Lopez, P., Lessner-Eisenberg, S., Alvarez, A., Ellison, T., Sapnas, K., Lefton, J. & Ward, C. G., Dec 1 2005, In : American Surgeon. 71, 3, p. 210-215 6 p.

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Mass Casualty Incidents
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AC133+ progenitor cells as gene delivery vehicle and cellular probe in subcutaneous tumor models: A preliminary study

Rad, A. M., Iskander, A. S. M., Janic, B., Knight, R. A., Arbab, A. S. & Soltanian-Zadeh, H., Mar 27 2009, In : BMC Biotechnology. 9, 28.

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Stem Cells
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Breast Neoplasms

Academic EMS. A new school of thought?

Suter, R. E., Apr 1 1993, In : A Journal of emergency medical services : JEMS. 18, 4

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Emergency Medical Technicians
Professional Competence
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Academic Productivity of Spine Surgeons at United States Neurological Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery Training Programs

Post, A. F., Li, A. Y., Dai, J. B., Maniya, A. Y., Haider, S., Sobotka, S. & Choudhri, T. F., Jan 1 2019, In : World Neurosurgery. 121, p. e511-e518

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Neurological Models
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Academic psychiatry and the clergy: An analysis of ministerial referrals

Mobley, M. F., Katz, E. K. & Elkins, R. L., Jan 1 1985, In : Hospital and Community Psychiatry. 36, 1, p. 79-81 3 p.

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Community Mental Health Services
Mental Disorders
Referral and Consultation
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Academic success through quality-managed course design

Reese, A. C. & Mobley, M. F., Jan 1 1996, In : Innovative Higher Education. 20, 3, p. 171-182 12 p.

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academic success
program of study
quality management
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Acadesine inhibits tissue factor induction and thrombus formation by activating the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/akt signaling pathway

Zhang, W., Wang, J., Wang, H., Tang, R., Belcher, J. D., Viollet, B., Geng, J. G., Zhang, C., Wu, C., Slungaard, A., Zhu, C. & Huo, Y., May 1 2010, In : Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. 30, 5, p. 1000-1006 7 p.

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1-Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase
AMP-Activated Protein Kinases
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A calfluxin-related peptide is present in the bag cells and atrial gland of Aplysia

de Jong-Brink, M., Nagle, G. T., Dictus, W. J. A. G., Painter, S. D., Broers-Vendrig, T. & Blankenship, J. E., Jan 1 1990, In : General and Comparative Endocrinology. 79, 1, p. 114-122 9 p.

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A call to develop evidence-based interventions to reduce sexually transmitted infections in juvenile justice populations

Gates, M. L., Staples-Horne, M., Cartier, J., Best, C., Stone, R. B., Walker, V., Hastings, B., Yoo, W., Webb, N. E. & Braithwaite, R. L., May 1 2016, In : Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 27, 2, p. 34-44 11 p.

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Social Justice
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
African Americans
Mental Health
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A cAMP-responsive element binding site is essential for sterol regulation of the human lanosterol 14α-demethylase gene (CYP51)

Halder, S. K., Fink, M., Waterman, M. R. & Rozman, D., Aug 10 2002, In : Molecular Endocrinology. 16, 8, p. 1853-1863 11 p.

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Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Proteins
Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein 1
Response Elements
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A candidate gene study of tardive dyskinesia in the CATIE schizophrenia trial

Tsai, H. T., Caroff, S. N., Miller, D. D., McEvoy, J. P., Lieberman, J. A., North, K. E., Scott Stroup, T. & Sullivan, P. F., Jan 1 2010, In : American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics. 153, 1, p. 336-340 5 p.

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Antipsychotic Agents
Clinical Trials
Movement Disorders
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A carbon dioxide monitor that does not show the waveform is worthless

Block, F. E., Jul 1 1988, In : Journal of Clinical Monitoring. 4, 3, p. 213-214 2 p.

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Carbon Dioxide
Arterial Pressure
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A carvedilol-responsive microRNA, miR-125b-5p protects the heart from acute myocardial infarction by repressing pro-apoptotic bak1 and klf13 in cardiomyocytes

Bayoumi, A. S., Park, K. M., Wang, Y., Teoh, J. P., Aonuma, T., Tang, Y. L., Su, H., Weintraub, N. L. & Kim, I., Jan 1 2018, In : Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology. 114, p. 72-82 11 p.

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Cardiac Myocytes
Myocardial Infarction
Adrenergic Receptors
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A case for rubber dam application - Subcutaneous emphysema after class V procedure

Chan, D. C. N., Myers, T. & Sharawy, M. M. H., Mar 1 2007, In : Operative Dentistry. 32, 2, p. 193-196 4 p.

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Dental High-Speed Equipment
Permanent Dental Restorations
Dental Cavity Preparation
Rubber Dams
Subcutaneous Emphysema
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A case of autoinflammatory skin and bone disease flared by a change in osteoporosis management

Heard, L. K., Richardson, V. N., Lewis, C. M. & Davis, L. S., Mar 1 2017, In : JAAD Case Reports. 3, 2, p. 103-105 3 p.

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Bone Diseases
Skin Diseases

A case of chronic myelogenous leukemia occurring in a patient treated for essential thrombocythemia

Hassankrishnamurthy, S., Mody, M. D. & Kota, V. K., Jan 1 2019, In : American Journal of Case Reports. 20, p. 10-14 5 p.

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Essential Thrombocythemia
Leukemia, Myelogenous, Chronic, BCR-ABL Positive
Philadelphia Chromosome
Myeloproliferative Disorders
Primary Myelofibrosis
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A case of clear cell sarcoma of the kidney

Franco, A., Vu Dao, T., Lewis, K. N. & Biddinger, P. W., Feb 21 2011, In : Journal of Radiology Case Reports. 5, 2, p. 8-12 5 p.

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Clear Cell Sarcoma
Wilms Tumor

A Case of Complete Repair of Type-B Atrioventricular Canal Defect and Cor Triatriatum

Karimi, M., Hulsebus, E. & Wiles, H. B., 2012, In : World Journal for Pediatric and Congenital Hearth Surgery. 3, 4, p. 515-517 3 p.

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Cor Triatriatum
Atrioventricular Septal Defect