Correlation of transrectal ultrasound measurements of prostate and transition zone size with symptom score, bother score, urinary flow rate, and post-void residual volume

Martha K. Terris, Naveed Afzal, John N. Kabalin

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Objectives. To assess the correlation of total prostatic size and prostate transition zone dimensions with various measurements of the severity of bladder outlet obstruction secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia. Methods. Prostate-specific antigen, creatinine, American Urological Association symptom score, bother score, urinary history, uroflowmetry, and post-void residual urine volume determination was followed by measurement of the prostate gland and transition zone on transrectal ultrasound images in 136 men undergoing systematic prostate biopsies. Patients were divided into five groups based on past urinary tract treatment history and the presence of prostate cancer on the biopsies. The total prostate and transition zone dimensions, as well as calculated prostate and transition zone volumes, were compared by Pearson correlation with both the subjective and objective voiding parameters in each patient group. Results. The transition zone dimensions correlated positively with American Urological Association symptom score, bother score, and post-void residual urine volume and correlated negatively with maximum and mean flow rates, particularly in patients with no history of prostate surgery, alpha-blocker administration, urinary infections, irritative voiding symptoms, or prostate cancer. Conclusions. Transrectal ultrasound measurements of transition zone dimensions correlate better than total prostatic dimensions or calculated prostatic or transition zone volumes with the severity of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Of these, the transverse transition zone dimension demonstrated the best correlation; however, this correlation is probably not adequate for clinical utility.

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Publication statusPublished - Sep 1 1998
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