Mutations in HSP70-2 gene change the susceptibility to clinical mastitis in Chinese Holstein

Pin Huang, Chunwan Lu, Jun Li, Jun Xu, Zaiqun Liu, Qiang Wang, Zhao Wang, Jiayan Huo, Honglin Li, Yong Teng, Yafei Cai

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To select the molecular markers susceptible to mastitis and reduce the loss induced by mastitis, the PCR-SSCP method was adopted to investigate the correlation between SNPs of the HSP70-2 gene and mastitis in 103 Chinese Holstein. 25 new polymorphisms were detected in this study: 9 SNPs (g- 115 G → A, g- 98 T → C, g.117 C → A, g.156 A → C, g.1743 G → A, g.1746 C → T, g.1761 T → G, g.1770 C → G, g.1877 G → C) were found to be associated with mastitis; 2 key SNPs led to amino-acid changes: g.1770 C → G (590 Asp → Glu), g.1877 G → C (626 Gly → Ala). 626 Gly → Ala affected the protein secondary structure. 3 potential cow HSP70-2 proteins were found in all the 103 individuals, but predicted three-dimensional structures of 3 proteins are the same with each other. It is suggested that 9 SNPs increase the susceptibility to mastitis due to their low polymorphisms and can be used as molecular markers to breed the dairy cows resistant to mastitis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)62-72
Number of pages11
Issue number1
StatePublished - Mar 15 2015


  • Chinese Holstein
  • HSP70-2
  • Mastitis
  • SNPs

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