Quality improvement in neurology residency programs: Report of the quality improvement committee of the Association of University Professors of Neurology

W. G. Bradley, J. Daube, J. R. Mendell, J. Posner, D. Richman, B. T. Troost, Thomas Robert Swift

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The neurology residency programs in the United States are facing a crisis of quality. The Association of University Professors of Neurology (AUPN) approved the Quality Improvement Committee to examine this situation and make recommendations, which have been accepted by the AUPN. The recommendations are (1) that the educational goals of neurology residency training be dissociated from patient-care needs in academic medical centers and (2) that minimum levels of quality be applied to residents in neurology residency programs and to these programs themselves. These minimum criteria should include minimum educational criteria for entry into the program, minimum criteria for advancement from one year to the next in the program, and minimum criteria for performance of the graduates of neurology residency programs for program accreditation. The implementation of these recommendations will require a shift of funding of the care of indigent patients from the graduate medical education budget to direct patient-care sources. These recommendations will significantly improve the quality of neurologists and neurologic care in the United States.

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