Reconstruction of TORS oropharyngectomy defects with the nasoseptal flap via transpalatal tunnel

Meghan T. Turner, Mathew Geltzeiler, William Greer Albergotti, Umamaheswar Duvvuri, Robert L. Ferris, Seungwon Kim, Eric W. Wang

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The nasoseptal flap (NSF) has been described as reconstructive option for soft palate defects following transoral robotic surgery (TORS). As described, this technique is does not provide adequate coverage of the lateral oropharyngeal wall, parapharyngeal space, exposed vessels, or exposed mandibular bone. The NSF for TORS reconstruction has been limited to soft palate reconstruction, given the limitations on length when passed via the nasopharynx. In this article, we describe (1) a novel technique for TORS reconstruction using direct transposition of the ipsilateral NSF into the oropharynx via a transpalatal tunnel at the hard–soft palate junction, and (2) its use in select patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJournal of Robotic Surgery
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2019



  • Nasoseptal flap (NSF)
  • Oropharyngeal reconstruction
  • Robotic oropharyngectomy
  • Robotic-assisted reconstruction
  • Transoral robotic surgery (TORS)

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  • Surgery
  • Health Informatics

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