Specialty Recertification

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The recognition of specialty boards started with the National Board of Medical Examiners and eventually gave rise to the Liaison Committee for Specialty Boards. The most appealing feature of any organization is its ability to provide quality of care. Because the timeframe for recertification may vary greatly among specialties, an approach that encourages physicians to participate in ongoing education between the 6- to 10-year certification deadlines is encouraged. Recertification demonstrates the physician's knowledge of new, innovative practices true competency, however, should encompass a physician's overall knowledge and ability to provide care that is both appropriate and effective. The standardization of healthcare is more evident now with healthcare reform underway, and with changes in the system. A physician's services need to be acceptable, and certification is a step in assuring that a standard of care is being met.

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JournalThe Journal of medical practice management : MPM
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