Anticorrosive, Ultralight, and Flexible Carbon-Wrapped Metallic Nanowire Hybrid Sponges for Highly Efficient Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

Yan Jun Wan, Peng Li Zhu, Shu Hui Yu, Rong Sun, Ching Ping Wong, Wei Hsin Liao

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Metal-based materials with exceptional intrinsic conductivity own excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding performance. However, high density, corrosion susceptibility, and poor flexibility of the metal severely restrict their further applications in the areas of aircraft/aerospace, portable and wearable smart electronics. Herein, a lightweight, flexible, and anticorrosive silver nanowire wrapped carbon hybrid sponge (Ag@C) is fabricated and employed as ultrahigh efficiency EMI shielding material. The interconnected Ag@C hybrid sponges provide an effective way for electron transport, leading to a remarkable conductivity of 363.1 S m−1 and superb EMI shielding effectiveness of around 70.1 dB in the frequency range of 8.2–18 GHz, while the density is as low as 0.00382 g cm−3, which are among the best performances for electrically conductive sponges/aerogels/foams by far. More importantly, the Ag@C sponge surprisingly exhibits super-hydrophobicity and strong corrosion resistance. In addition, the hybrid sponges possess excellent mechanical resilience even with a large strain (90% reversible compressibility) and an outstanding cycling stability, which is far better than the bare metallic aerogels, such as silver nanowire aerogels and copper nanowire foams. This strategy provides a facile methodology to fabricate lightweight, flexible, and anticorrosive metal-based sponge for highly efficient EMI shielding applications.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number1800534
Issue number27
StatePublished - Jul 5 2018



  • anticorrosion
  • electromagnetic interference shielding
  • metal-based sponges
  • supper-elasticity
  • ultralightweight

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