Bond strength of Panavia EX to dental amalgam.

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The tensile bond strengths of Comspan (a conventional resin used with composite-bonded prostheses) and Panavia EX (a newer adhesive bonding material) to different types of amalgam were determined. The results were compared with the tensile bond strengths of these resins to etched bovine enamel and properly prepared Rexillium III. The results showed that all of the resin-amalgam bond strengths were statistically less than those of bonding resin to etched bovine enamel or Rexillium III. Coverage of existing amalgam restorations by the metal framework with etched-metal resin-bonded retainers is contraindicated when using either the conventional bonding agent or the new adhesive bonding material, Panavia EX.

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JournalThe International journal of prosthodontics
Issue number4
StatePublished - Jul 1 1989
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