Cervical carcinoma in situ undetected by papanicolaou smear but identified by cervicography: A case report

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The following case report demonstrates the clinical use of cervicography as an adjunct test to identify premalignant or malignant cervical disease. An asymptomatic woman seeking routine health maintenance care was screened by serial Papanicolaou (Pap) smears and cervicography. The interval Pap smears were interpreted as satisfactory and within normal limits; however, the cervigrams were interpreted sequentially as atypical and positive. A subsequent cervical biopsy revealed carcinoma in situ. Cervicography, as an adjunct test, enhanced cervical cytologic screening of a woman considered to be at high risk because of a prior history of genital human papillomavirus infection.

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JournalJournal of Family Practice
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StatePublished - Jan 1 1994


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