Fish scale artefact on an intraoral imaging receptor

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Objectives: To describe an artefact, termed the fish scale artefact, present on an intraoral imaging receptor. Methods: Thirty brand new DIGORA Optime photostimulable phosphor (PSP) plates (Soredex/Orion Corp., Helsinki, Finland) were imaged using the dental digital quality assurance radiographic phantom (Dental Imaging Consultants LLC, San Antonio, TX). All PSP plates were scanned at the same spatial resolution (dpi) using the high resolution mode. Two evaluators assessed all 30 plates. Each evaluator assessed the 30 PSP plates separately for purposes of establishing interrater reliability, and then together in order to obtain the gold standard result. Results: The fish scale artefact was detected on 46.7% of the PSP plates. The kappa coefficient for interrater reliability was 0.86 [95% CI (0.69-1.00)], indicating excellent interrater reliability. For Evaluator 1, sensitivity was 0.85 [95% CI (0.55-0.98)]; specificity was 0.94 [CI (0.71-1.00)] and overall accuracy was 0.90 [95% CI (0.73-0.98)]. For Evaluator 2, sensitivity was 1.00 [95% CI (0.75-1.00)]; specificity was 0.94 [CI (0.71-1.00)] and overall accuracy was 0.97 [95% CI (0.83-1.00)]. These results indicate excellent agreement with the gold standard for both evaluators. Conclusions: Utilizing a comprehensive quality assurance protocol, we identified a fish scale artefact inherent to the image receptor. Additional research is needed to determine if the artefact remains static over time or if it increases over time. Likewise, research to determine the potential sources contributing to an increase in the artefact is needed.

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Article number20170224
JournalDentomaxillofacial Radiology
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StatePublished - 2017


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