PRKCD/PKCδ contributes to nephrotoxicity during cisplatin chemotherapy by suppressing autophagy

Dongshan Zhang, Xuan Xu, Zheng Dong

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Nephrotoxicity is a major side effect during chemotherapy with cisplatin and related platinum compounds. Previous work unveiled a role of PRKCD/PKCδ (protein kinase C delta) in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity; however, the underlying mechanism was largely unknown. Our recent work showed that PRKCD may suppress macroautophagy/autophagy, a cytoprotective mechanism, to promote kidney tubule cell death during cisplatin treatment. Interestingly, PRKCD may do so by phosphorylating AKT, which further phosphorylates MTOR to repress ULK1.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 4 2017



  • AKT
  • MTOR
  • PKCδ
  • autophagy
  • chemotherapy
  • cisplatin
  • kidney
  • nephrotoxicity
  • side effect

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